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AWS offers full support to the entire supply chain of the I/A OWTS industry. Whether you’re an architect or engineer looking to design a system, a builder that needs to incorporate an I/A OWTS into your next project, an installer scheduling a new job, or a property owner trying to educate themselves on the many ins and outs of the septic upgrade process, AWS can help. Our in-house professionals are always available to assess sites, assist with design, provide installation tips and onsite support, and to answer any questions you may have along the way. We also offer customer support and maintenance for the life of your system.

In addition to assisting with site planning, design and installation when your Fuji Clean is going into the ground, AWS will also be there long after your system is up and running. That’s because AWS is also a certified operations and maintenance specialist for Fuji Clean systems, meaning that we’re always available to answer your questions and make sure your system is working properly.

Advanced Wastewater Solutions Serves all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties


For Shelter Island, contact our partners: VISIT WEBSITE

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