About Advanced Wastewater Solutions

About Advanced Wastewater Solutions

Our family has been living in Southampton and Sag Harbor for generations, and growing up on the East End we spent our childhood (and now spend our adulthood) enjoying everything Long Island’s waters have to offer – from fishing, clamming and boating, to swimming, surfing, and lounging at the beach. As a result, we’ve seen the degradation of our beautiful local waters firsthand. Since the first brown tide that decimated the shellfish industry in 1985, harmful algae blooms – be they red, brown, rust or blue-green – have become an increasingly common occurrence throughout Long Island. Our once-pristine waters are becoming increasingly contaminated, and areas are now commonly off-limits to shellfishing or even swimming due to nitrogen pollution.

After years of this continued decline in our water quality, it is now irrefutable that the primary culprit is Suffolk County’s reliance on antiquated cesspools and septic tanks for wastewater disposal. We founded Advanced Wastewater Solutions because we saw that the need for change was clear. The only way for Long Islanders to turn the tide on our water quality crisis was to address the problem head-on, and to stop discharging untreated wastewater directly into our groundwater by means of these antiquated systems. And since the majority of Suffolk County residents are unable to hookup to a municipal sewer system, the only solution is to upgrade from cesspools/septic tanks to I/A OWTS systems.

To help realize our goal, Advanced Wastewater Solutions partnered with Fuji Clean USA as Suffolk County's distributor for the world’s most popular onsite wastewater treatment system. We’re lucky to stand behind a product with a 60-year track record of perfecting onsite wastewater treatment and with millions of systems installed across the globe to show for it. While the idea of upgrading to an I/A OWTS system may be new to Long Islanders, this is by no means a new technology and Fuji Clean has been at the forefront of the onsite wastewater treatment industry since the 1960s.

Fortunately, many of our local governments and elected officials now recognize nitrogen pollution for what it is: an existential threat to Long Island’s future. Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone even declared nitrogen pollution to be water quality “public enemy #1,” and initiated the County’s successful Septic Improvement Program (SIP) to jumpstart the eventual replacement of approximately 380,000 cesspools and/or septic tanks throughout the County with I/A OWTS systems. New York State and many Towns and Villages throughout Suffolk have joined the County in the fight against nitrogen pollution by encouraging septic upgrades, either through legislation mandating the installation of I/A OWTS systems, providing funding for such installation, or both.

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We believe passionately about this issue and are committed to preserving and restoring Long Island’s water quality for future generations to enjoy. We live here, we raise our children here, and we want them to be able to experience the beauty of our local waters just as we did. Save the Bays. Install a Fuji Clean.

-Bryan & Kevin McGowin, AWS Owners & Operators