Why Use FujiClean

Since being approved in 2016, thousands of FujiClean systems have been installed on Long Island and FujiClean has become the leading I/A OWTS system in both Suffolk and Nassau County. Homeowners throughout the County have utilized available grant and rebate funding to upgrade their septic systems with little out-of-pocket expense. Field testing data has proven FujiClean to have the best nitrogen removal on the market, averaging just 10.2 mg/l in Suffolk County’s provisional sampling program. Pair the unparalleled performance with the small footprint, low power draw, and ease of installation and maintenance, and FujiClean is a clear winner!

10 Reasons to Use FujiClean Wastewater Treatment System



Global Leader

With nearly 3 Million Units Installed – more than any other manufacturer in the world – FujiClean is the global leader in onsite wastewater treatment systems. FujiClean has been in business since 1961 and remains the best onsite treatment system on the market thanks to the tireless efforts of Fuji’s team of scientists and engineers that continuously update and improve the system’s treatment capabilities. Still averaging more than 50,000 units sold per year, FujiClean is the epitome of “tried and true.”



Best Overall Nitrogen Reduction

Suffolk County’s rigorous provisional sampling program has proven that FujiClean is the best performing system on the market – with an average total nitrogen of just 10.2 mg/l, well below the County’s requirement of 19 mg/l or less.



Lightweight and Compact

FujiClean CEN units are both the lightest in weight and smallest in footprint of any I/A system on the market. This allows for easy and economical delivery of the units – typically in the back of a pickup truck, and makes Fuji an ideal solution for tight sites. Though small in size and visibility, the FujiClean one-tank system is large in terms of robust treatment and durability.



Japanese Engineering Coupled with American Assembly

FujiClean CEN units benefit from world-class Japanese engineering that has been honed over the course of more than 60 years to make them the leaders in onsite wastewater treatment technology. FujiClean has also shown a dedication to American manufacturing, however, with assembly plants operating in Maine and Georgia and additional U.S. facilities in the works.



No Internal Moving Parts

Fuji Clean systems are designed with no moving parts or components that need to be replaced within the tank. That means no pumps, aerators, or agitators submerged in wastewater and prone to expensive repairs or replacement. Instead, FujiClean systems are powered entirely by the best-in-class FujiMac air blower that has an average lifespan of more than ten years.



“Library” Quiet

Powered by one simple external blower, Fuji Clean systems are rated as “library quiet,” emitting a barely detectable 40 decibels of sound.

Low cost installation


Easy Installation and Maintenance

As an extremely light one-tank system with a small footprint, FujiClean systems are easy to install. Most of the installation process is the same as that of a conventional septic tank, with just two additional components – an external air blower and float alarm connected to a control panel. In terms of maintenance, FujiClean systems are designed for easy and efficient servicing thanks to the lack of mechanical components inside the tank, allowing service personnel to do a thorough and complete job in less than 30 minutes.




Low Energy Consumption

Fuji Clean systems sip power. Most residential-sized systems draw 1.2kWh, which approximately equates to that of a 60-watt lightbulb.




Low Cost

FujiClean I/A systems combine a low purchase price (thanks to economies of scale in manufacturing 50,000+ units per year) with low opperatinal costs (thanks to the lack of moving parts in the tank and the exceptionally low electric consumption) to offer an extremely economical treatment system.




Unmatched Customer Service

Whether you’re an engineer, architect, installer, builder or homeowner, AWS and Fuji Clean are always available to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, or help do whatever is necessary to ensure your satisfaction and the long-term performance of FujiClean systems. Fuji Clean USA’s corporate philosophy is to “own” all treatment systems regardless of the system’s age, and we expect all systems to perform properly no matter how long they’ve been in the ground.


Frequently Asked Questions About Fuji Clean Wastewater Treatment Systems

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