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Because the Suffolk County Health Department requires I/A OWTS sanitary plans to be designed by an architect or engineer, these professionals are often the first point of contact in the I/A OWTS septic upgrade process. Fortunately, AWS and Fuji Clean make the sanitary design process simple! Not only does Fuji Clean offer the intrinsic benefit of having the least complicated and most elegantly-designed I/A OWTS system on the market, but we also provide architects and engineers with residential and commercial engineering packages that strive to address every conceivable design contingency. 

AWS also provides hands-on support to all sanitary designers and is always available to answer questions or to schedule a meeting to review a project. And in the event any unique or complex issues arise in the design process, Fuji Clean has a team of engineers ready to help.

If you’re an architect or engineer interested in getting certified to design Fuji Clean systems, call us today to get started!

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