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Upgrade Your Septic Tank to a Fuji Clean System

Advanced Wastewater Solutions (AWS) offers complete support for the I/A OWTS industry, including installation services and maintenance for Fuji Clean wastewater treatment systems. Homes in Suffolk County will need to upgrade their septic tank and/or cesspool to a new wastewater treatment system, and our technicians are certified operations and maintenance specialists. Learn more about the benefits of Fuji Clean systems, and contact us to get started.


Fuji Clean is the World’s Number One Residential Wastewater Treatment System

  • Easy Installation
  • Reliable Performance
  • Proven Technology
  • Low Profile
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Low Operational Cost
  • Quiet

Suffolk County house with buried wastewater treatment system tank - Advanced Wastewater SolutionsResidential Wastewater Nitrogen Removal Features

World’s #1 Enhanced Nitrogen Removal Wastewater Treatment System. NSF/ ANSI 40/245 Certified.

  • Reliable, Robust Performance. Based on both 3rd party testing in the U.S. (NSF), and corroborated by thousands of field test data points worldwide, Fuji Clean CEN units produce a consistent effluent quality with a pollutant removal ratio of around 97% – 98% and nitrogen reducing ratio of 75% or better (NSF data).
  • Proven Technology. With over 50 years’ experience, nearly three million installed systems (and currently installing over 40,000 per year), Fuji Clean is the world’s leading manufacturer of onsite wastewater treatment systems. Fuji Clean retains over 50 engineers on staff to continue their relentless pursuit of product improvement.
  • Low Profile. Aesthetically pleasing, the only visible indications of this one-tank system are two 20″ diameter and one 24″ diameter at-grade covers. The unobtrusive football-sized FujiMAC blower and very small alarm panel can be located up to 100 feet away and easily shielded from direct view.
  • Easy Maintenance. Fuji Clean CEN units are designed for efficient and effective semi-annual maintenance, the majority of which is accomplished with a simple turning of control dials that purge heavy bio-film growth from the treatment media. No messy component removal or hose-down is necessary. The system is designed for efficient storage of sludge, which typically needs to be pumped once every two to five years depending on use and influent strength.
  • Low Operational Cost. With a 1.2 kWh/day power draw, Fuji Clean’s best-in-class FujiMAC air blowers are both energy efficient and durable.
  • Quiet. The FujiMAC 80RII blower operates at a “library quiet” 39 decibels.
  • Easy Installation. Plug and play units are ready for installation upon delivery. There is no on-site system assembly required. Systems are compatible with both Tuf-Tite and Polylok risers.

Fuji Clean Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems