Save the Bays, Install a Fuji Clean System Today.

The Problem

Algae Blooms. Fish Kills. Beach Closures.

Our waterbodies have been under siege due to the proliferation of outdated cesspools and septic tanks. Suffolk County is known as the "cesspool capital of America," as more homes per capita rely on cesspools or septic tanks than anywhere else in the country. This outdated technology funnels untreated wastewater directly into our groundwater and is the leading cause of nitrogen pollution.

The Solution

Replace your Cesspool with a Fuji Clean!

“Innovative and Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems” (I/A OWTS) can remove upwards of 90% of nitrogen from wastewater. Upgrading to an I/A OWTS such as Fuji Clean is the single greatest environmental impact a Long Island homeowner can make. And with substantial government funding available, many Fuji Clean systems are installed at little to no cost to the homeowner.

Why Fuji Clean?

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Industry-leading nitrogen reduction technology. Functions as standard septic tank during power outage.
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Lightest and smallest system on the market. Easy to install and maintain.
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Quietest system on the market. No odor. At-grade lids blend with landscape.
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Low energy costs. No internal moving parts
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Field-tested for over 50 years. More than 3 million units installed worldwide.