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At Advanced Wastewater Solutions we provide our clients the most cost effective and comprehensive services. We help you select the system ideal for your needs, and assist you from construction and design to long term maintenance. Our trained professionals can even help ensure you get the most out of the grant and rebate programs available. AWS is a locally owned and operated company that offers a one-stop shop to solve all your wastewater needs.


AWS offers full support to the entire supply chain of the wastewater industries. Our in-house professionals are available to assess sites, implement design and provide efficient installation. We also offer customer support and maintenance for the life of your system.


For homeowners looking to upgrade their wastewater system, we can help you from start to finish. We will be there for you from initial site evaluation through providing the required and mandatory service contracts.


AWS is always looking to work in collaboration with new partners. Whether you are a builder, engineer, or installer, we can help you get the best system for your clients’ needs.


Commercial sites have their own challenges which require solutions that are tailored to those needs. Small lots, high strength flows and high FOGs can complicate the installation and function of any treatment system.


AWS is pleased to provide the highest quality service in the industry. Our team of maintenance providers will be there for you when you need us most. Of course the best service is proactive regular service and a well-educated homeowner.


Contact us to find out if you are eligible for the Suffolk County Septic Improvement Program which has grants up to $11,000 and low-interest financing. There are also rebates available for up to $15,000 depending what town you live in. Let us help you find out what options are out there for you to offset, or sometimes cover the entire cost of your new sanitary system.


Fuji clean offers the most cost effective and simple means of treating both residential and commercial wastewater. With no moving parts the system is easily serviced, Fuji Clean is one of the most reliable systems to operate and maintain. Additionally, with its compact size, and lightweight, watertight construction, Fuji Clean can fit on even the most difficult of sites. Advanced Wastewater Solutions is currently the only distributor for Fuji Clean on Long Island. Fuji Clean advanced wastewater treatment systems are the most popular on-site systems in the world with over 2 million installed and operating around the globe and over 50 years in the industry.


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