For large portions of Long Island — and particularly Suffolk County — it is not possible to connect residences and commercial sites to a centralized public sewage plant.


In these areas, all household wastewater goes directly into a traditional septic tank or cesspool that then enters our groundwater, rivers, lakes, bays, and oceans. These systems are the single largest source of pollution in our waters, elevating nitrogen levels and creating adverse effects on our environment in the form of toxic algae blooms, fish kills, unsafe swimming conditions, and contaminated drinking water.

Fuji Clean’s technology is second to none in terms of performance, overall cost, and ease of installation and maintenance. There are five functional chambers in a single Fuji Clean tank (sedimentation, anaerobic, aeration, storage, and disinfection). Each aspect of the treatment system has been continuously tested and improved by Fuji Clean over the past 50+ years, which has resulted in performance that is now comparable to a centralized public sewage plant.


When you choose Fuji Clean, expect the best. You deserve it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fuji Clean Wastewater Treatment Systems

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