Traffic Bearing Designs For All Fuji Clean Wastewater Treatment Systems Are Now Available

AWS/FujiClean have received approvals from the Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) for traffic bearing designs on all five available FujiClean systems:

  • CEN5 (4 Bedroom/500 gpd)
  • CEN7 (6 Bedroom/700 gpd)
  • CEN10 (9 Bedroom/1,000 gpd)
  • CEN14 (12 Bedroom/1,350 gpd)
  • CEN21 (17 Bedroom/1,900 gpd)

For the smaller units (CEN5, CEN7 and CEN10), the approved H20 method consists of setting the tank in a 10-ft or 12-ft diameter precast drainage ring with a custom top slab that includes cast iron covers corresponding with the three openings on the relevant FujiClean CEN model. Because the larger units do not fit inside a 12-ft diameter ring, a separate H20 method was implemented, consisting of a custom “vault” along with a custom top slab for both the CEN14 and CEN21 models. These approved traffic bearing designs provide engineers with an “off the shelf” option for every FujiClean tank.

View The Traffic Bearing Designs  HERE