New FujiClean Pre-Treatment Tanks Approved For Use

AWS and FujiClean are excited to announce that the Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) recently approved three new pre-treatment tanks (500 gallon750 gallon and 990 gallon) for use in Suffolk County!

What is a Pre-Treatment Tank?

A pre-treatment tank or “trash tank” is simply a holding tank preceding the FujiClean treatment system that serves two primary functions:
(1) prevents trash and other inorganic materials from entering the treatment system where it can negatively impact treatment and lead to more frequent service visits and/or pumpouts; and

(2) provides the optimal retention time (between a half day and a full day) to reduce BOD levels in higher strength commercial waste streams by up to 30 percent, which enhances the treatment capabilities of the I/A OWTS.

For these reasons, FujiClean requires a pre-treatment tank for virtually all commercial projects. And with these new approvals in place, FujiClean now has pre-treatment tank options for projects of any size, as set forth in the table below.

For projects warranting a larger pre-treatment tank, designers can simply specify a conventional septic tank (ranging from 1,200 gallons to 5,250 gallons) to suit their needs. However, because there were previously no SCDHS-approved septic tanks with capacities of less than 1,000 gallons, FujiClean secured approval of the three new tanks to provide a solution for smaller-scale commercial projects. This is because proper sizing of pre-treatment tanks is critical, as a tank that is too small will have insufficient retention time to reduce BOD levels while an oversized tank will provide too much retention time, resulting in the bacterial colony dying off and turning septic before it even reaches the I/A OWTS.


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