FujiClean Treatment System Maintenance: Simple But Essential

FujiClean treatment systems, like all other I/A OWTS systems, require periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance and prevent issues that can result from system neglect. However, while other I/A OWTS systems include pumps, agitators, or other mechanical components inside the treatment systems that can lead to costly and messy repairs, there are no moving parts inside the FujiClean treatment system, as it is powered entirely by the best-in-class FujiMac air blower that is installed at-grade for easy access and maintenance. The lack of moving parts or mechanical components inside the system results in a far simpler, cleaner, and less expensive maintenance process.

With the help of our team at Advanced Wastewater Solutions, FujiClean recently released an operations and maintenance (“O&M”) video that was shot right here on Long Island. The O&M video visually explains every step of the O&M process so that FujiClean service providers always know the full scope of service and proper methodology when maintaining FujiClean systems.



While the elegant design of FujiClean treatment systems make for a straightforward maintenance process, the importance of performing regular maintenance (i.e., a minimum of two service visits per year) cannot be understated. Failure to adhere to a regular maintenance schedule not only threatens treatment performance, but can lead to a host of other issues, including potential odors, sludge and scum buildup that can eventually cause a backup, and/or the penetration of solids into the drain field where they can clog the drainage materials.

If you have any questions about the FujiClean operations and maintenance process, Advanced Wastewater Solutions is always available by phone (631) 259-3353 or email (info@awsli.com) to discuss.