Why Use Fuji Clean Wastewater Treatment Systems?

Our hands-on local distributors will assist you through the process from A to Z.  This help includes taking time to evaluate your specific site, educate,

Unmatched Service.  Through our local distributors at AWS, we will assist you through the process from A to Z.  This includes taking time to evaluate your specific site, educate, assist with the grant process, installation, service, paperwork and on-going service.

Unobtrusive.  Fuji Clean one-tank systems are compact workhorses; small in overall size and visibility, large in terms of robust treatment and durability.  Perfect for tight lots small spaces.

Quiet.  Powered by one simple blower, Fuji Clean systems are “library quiet” emitting a barely detectable 40 decibels of sound.

Economical.  Fuji Clean systems sip power.  Most residential sized systems draw 1.2kWh, which approximately equates to that of a 60-watt lightbulb.

Environmentally Effective.  As of June, 2019, field testing in Suffolk County has established Fuji Clean as the most effective technology in Suffolk County for minimizing harmful nitrogen output.

Experienced.  You’re in solid hands.  Worldwide, Fuji Clean has millions of installed operating systems – more than any other manufacturer in the world.

Easy to Maintain.  All advanced treatment systems require service.  Fuji Clean systems are designed for easy and efficient servicing so that service personnel do a thorough and complete job on a semi-annual basis.

Accommodating.  Fuji Clean systems are designed to accommodate real life living.  Laundry, parties, vacations, seasonal use, lower flows, higher flows, you name it.  With built-in equalization and metered effluent discharge, you don’t have to change your lifestyle to fit a Fuji Clean system. 

Low Long-Term Operating Cost.  Fuji Clean systems are designed with no moving parts or components that need to be replaced within the tank.  And the blower is designed with inexpensive and simple-to-replace diaphragms that should last about 5 years between replacements.  Therefore, the long-term cost to operate a Fuji Clean system remains extremely low.

Long-Term Support.  Fuji Clean USA’s corporate philosophy is to “own” all treatment systems regardless of the system’s age, and we expect all systems to perform.  

Therefore we are always available to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, or help do whatever’s necessary to assure long-term performance and owner satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fuji Clean Wastewater Treatment Systems

How is Fuji Clean different from the other I/A OWTS systems approved in Suffolk County?

Fuji Clean is the only I/A OWTS system with no internal moving parts, meaning that there are no blowers, pumps or agitators inside the tank that can fail and cause costly problems. Instead, Fuji Cleans are powered entirely by an industry-leading external FujiMac blower that is cheap to run and easy to repair/replace if it ever fails. Unlike some I/A OWTS systems, Fuji Cleans do not require a preceding septic tank or trash tank, saving money and reducing your system’s footprint. As the smallest and lightest system on the market Fuji Cleans are also easy to install and ideal for high groundwater conditions. Best of all, Fuji Clean is the only system that can boast a track record spanning 60 years and millions of systems, ensuring an unmatched level of reliability.

What makes Fuji Clean the most popular onsite wastewater treatment system in the world?

There are many good reasons why nearly 3 million Fuji Cleans have been installed worldwide and it’s the most popular I/A OWTS system on Long Island. In short, it combines the most reliable and effective system with the best overall price point on the market. More specifically, Fuji Clean has been around for 60 years, and many of the first systems installed in the 1960s are still in operation today. Fuji Clean is also the smallest and lightest I/A OWTS system on the market, making it easy to install and taking up only a small portion of your property. With no moving parts inside the tank (e.g., pumps, blowers, agitators), there is nothing in the tank that can break and lead to an expensive repair. Fuji Clean systems are also extremely energy efficient, drawing only 1.1 kWh/day of electricity (equivalent to approximately 22 cents per day) for a 4-bedroom unit. Quiet and discrete, Fuji Cleans have just 3 green lids at grade which can be camouflaged to blend seamlessly into your yard or garden. And with industry leading nitrogen-reduction technology and hassle-free maintenance, it’s no wonder Fuji Clean is the #1 choice in onsite wastewater treatment!

How does the Fuji Clean system work?

Fuji Clean uses “Jokaso” technology, which is common throughout Japan. There are five functional chambers in a single Jokaso tank: sedimentation, anaerobic, aeration, clarification, and disinfection, all of which contribute to highly efficient biological on-site wastewater treatment. Jokaso technology has steadily improved over its decades of use in Japan, and now provides treatment performance equivalent to that of a centralized public sewage plant. Click here to learn more about the operation of your Fuji Clean system.

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