Reclaim Our Water

Suffolk County has fully embraced the need take proactive steps to reverse the decades-long trend of water quality degradation by kick-starting the “Reclaim Our Water” initiative in 2016. Through this initiative, the County offers substantial incentives for upgrading the antiquated cesspools and/or septic tanks found throughout the county with “Innovative / Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems” (I/A Systems), such as Fuji Clean, which remove nitrogen from wastewater. As County Executive Steve Bellone declared:

“Nitrogen pollution is public enemy number one for our bays, waterways, drinking supply, and the critical wetlands and marshes that protect us from natural disasters…More than 300,000 homes in Suffolk County are not sewered and are contributing nearly 70 percent of the pollution.”

Suffolk County property owners are eligible for up to $30,000 in County grant money toward the installation of an I/A OWTS System. Properties in these areas are the contributing the most to the pollution of our waters and are being mandated to replace their old septic tank or cesspool and install a new innovative & advanced onsite wastewater treatment system.

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